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Mediating and Arbitrating All Family Law Matters.


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Peter J. Karademos, Attorney provides mediation/arbitration in all family law matters in Spokane, Washington. Do you want to make decisions that will benefit you and your family in the days, months and years ahead? Don't try to do it alone. Get started now on the road to success by consulting an experienced and knowledgeable mediator.
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Parties in a legal matter may have the same goals but require assistance in itemizing their concerns and organizing them into a clearly written document. A capable mediator provides guidance and may offer resolutions that you would otherwise not imagine. Your mediator can assist you to develop an outline for custody, support, and property division. These are choices that will affect your quality of life for years to come. Make a choice you will never regret! Call Peter J. Karademos, Attorney and draw on his years of experience in family law.

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